Out the Gobbledegookers

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NZ’s best and worst documents and web pages are about to get the treatment from Consumer NZ, which is sponsoring these two categories at the annual Plain English Awards.

This week’s APNO board goes to …

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SparkPHD’s Kim Gribble has won the second week of APN Outdoor’s Boards competition, a four-week long campaign programme to promote their premium network of large format, roadside billboards. Pete McRae from IKON and Rachel Stewart from OMD Auckland also picked up prizes.

Fiverr & Getty trim sails for small businesses

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Global digital services marketplace Fiverr and Getty Images have unveiled a partnership that aims to put premium creative services in the hands of small and medium businesses (SMBs), empowering them to produce creative once only thought possible for large enterprises. “For the 460,000 NZ small businesses competing against the marketing budgets of larger, better funded rivals, this partnership spells disruption […]

… even the polar bear

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DB Breweries and Colenso BBDO have succeeded in creating Brewtroleum – a biofuel made from the yeast leftover after brewing DB Export. The breakthrough means that every time you drink DB Export, you’re contributing to the reduction of harmful carbon emissions, and, effectively helping to save the entire world.