Murdoch: Print ain’t finished yet

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Newspaper mogul Lachlan Murdoch was in a combative frame of mind when he spoke at the Mumbrella360 Marketing & Media Conference yesterday in Sydney, criticising his “crazy” competitors and vowing to lead the fight on behalf of print.

Twenty shoots close encounters with UFOs

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A ‘UFO’ spotted flying over Auckland skies last week was part of an out-there campaign to announce the arrival of online energy retailer Energy Online into the market. And the timing played into the hands of Auckland agency Twenty – their promo came just a week after wide publicity about a ‘real’ UFO sighting in Queenstown.

How strong brands make more money

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Why do consumers pay a premium price for a brand? Colmar Brunton’s latest Thought Leadership release points to the answer:

They pay a premium price (says the release) because they find the brand to be meaningfully different from the alternatives.